Structural Steel Detailing - Meet Team M-SAC

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No matter how fast or large M-SAC grows, it will still remain a privately held family business. The Cabreras have compiled a team of some of the world's best detailers. Our team members hail from many different backgrounds including:

Regardless of previous experience, all our team members must undergo a strict training process to ensure an efficient and accurate system of completing projects. We accomplish this goal by standardizing practices and forcing good detailing habits through checking and counter-checking all dimensions, sizes, and concepts.

Break Time!

When we're not working hard, we be playin' hard!

Nothing like 1,500 year old game to test our wits.

We also play video games. Competitively. Like, we even have an eSports team. Add us on Discord and test us on Smash Bros, TF2, Rocket League - bring it!

All the Best Tools

Our conference room serves dual purpose as a training room.

We ONLY redline from physical prints.

PC or Mac, we use high end equipment - whichever your scope of work requires.

Let's Grow and Build Together

Our Team