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Structural Steel Detailing - About Us

February 21, 2017

Our company culture is best described as old-school priorities and work ethic enhanced with all the latest new-school modern technology. We're right at home whether we are detailing a beam by hand (with a pencil and paper) or developing a smartphone app that coordinates the latest model and RFI between our project managers and customers.

How are we different?

M-SAC team members are experienced in all aspects of steel fabrication, NOT just steel detailing. Our employees bring experience from estimating, detailing, fitting, welding, and erecting steel projects of various sizes. For example, our detailers will suggest using a frame instead of field welding members where applicable to help facilitate erection. Our detailers understand the importance of coordination with joist & deck, masonry, and other trades. We believe that knowing a software (X-Steel) is not the same as knowing the trade.

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Steel Detailing - About Us